Open aunt

This year I am 24 years old, I am in my first year at the national university in the east of the country. Because of my studies, I had to leave Taichung and go to Hualien to study.
For me, who never lives in a school dorm, the problem of life was very worried about my brain! Fortunately, with my aunt’s consent, I naturally moved into her house.
And since my uncle has been doing business abroad for many years and the relationship between aunt and aunt was cut short, this article was born …
My aunt is 35 years old this year, but her figure is in good shape. She has a plump bosom, a slender waist and a rounded waist, with thick buttocks matched with a pair of long, fat-free legs.
Oh. … … I swear, as long as this is a man, he will want to go to my aunt, of course he will. … … … Haha … you know !! But I can only satisfy my sexual needs by watching my aunt take a shower.
One evening my aunt told me that tomorrow the Filipino maid would take a vacation and go to a friend’s birthday party tonight and she would go home very late, telling me not to wait for her. I went to dress up, leaving only myself and a Filipino servant who looked stupid in the middle of winter.
I plucked up my courage and told her in broken English, “Please go home first and rest, I can take care of myself.”
After listening, she happily returned. At this time, her aunt also went downstairs. After a few simple explanations, she also came out, alas!
I am the only one guarding this mansion, and I am very gloomy! !
I had to go back to the room.
Lying on the bed, I wondered, what sexy underwear was my aunt wearing today?
Is it lace? Is it a ray of air? Are these pants? still. … Didn’t you?
Thinking about the scene where my aunt takes a bath again, the lust in my heart is constantly burning, and the invincible stick soars to the skies. I really can’t stand it. I want to free her completely.

So I went to my aunt’s room and looked for her underwear, but I suddenly discovered that my aunt had hundreds of sexy panties of all kinds, dazzling and beautiful, that can be described with the national flag of 10,000.
At the same time, I saw the red silk underwear that my aunt had replaced in the changing basket. I gently lifted it up and put it in my hand to play, imagining that my hand stroking my aunt’s mysterious no-go area, and also from my underwear. Having caught the special smell of mature women, I was crazy, I was really crazy, my hands continued to raise and lowering my cock until he poured cum all over the bottom of my aunt’s red panties, I was full of joy. Clean up the mess and return to my room.
Back in the room, I’m drenched in sweat from excessive excitement and impulse just now, so after taking a bath, I lay on the bed in amazement and fell asleep.
And at about one in the morning I was woken up by the sound of an opening iron door, I thought that maybe my aunt would come back! So I put on my vest and went downstairs, but forgot to put on my shorts.
Going downstairs, I saw my drunk aunt and said to me: “Xiaohao … did you not sleep so late?”
I smiled and said to my aunt: “I used to go to bed very late,
how could my aunt know that I was? was awakened by her …
I looked at my aunt’s reddened cheeks and asked: “Aunt, are you drunk, do you want me to help you?”
My aunt smiled and said: “Then I ask you to take me upstairs.”
I answered quickly … well … no problem!
Because this is the best time to touch my aunt and get mad at my body, how could there be a reason to disagree? Haha ….
So I quickly squatted down so that my aunt could lie on my generous and strong back.
Since my younger brother, I was baptized by SWAT for two years, so I naturally trained to have a good figure, Oh … Sorry, I pulled back and became my aunt again. When her plump chest is 36D, thin willow waist and the mysterious triangle was right next to my back, my incredible cock had already skyrocketed, and I took the opportunity to bring my hands to my back. my aunt secretly stroked her inner thighs through black stockings.
After everything was in order, I endured the pain from the meat stick, carried my aunt on my back and went to my aunt on the third floor.
The strong scent of perfume from my aunt also stimulated my thoughts about my aunt. .. ..
Entering my aunt’s room, I gently put my aunt on the bed and, turning to make her a cup of hot tea, told my aunt that I would return to the room and go to bed.
But my aunt asked me to stay and chat with her.
I thought to myself, as long as I can be alone with my aunt, it doesn’t matter if I sleep tonight.
I said to my aunt: yes!
But let me go back to the room and put on my pants, okay?
I saw my aunt smile and said to me: Actually, my aunt is very open and doesn’t care about walking around the house in her underwear. We are all family and you don’t need to be too restrained. Just treat it like your own home. Besides, my aunt usually stays at home. In one underwear, so you don’t have to care too much, okay
? It’s just … just …, I nervously asked my aunt: what exactly?
Looking at my torturous lazy teacher, my aunt said with a smile to me: It’s just that your cock is too terrible!
How long should you take off your underwear?
I told my aunt, it is usually about 4 inches, and when assembled it is about 7 inches long.
Seeing the surprised look on my aunt’s face, I took the opportunity to ask my aunt again: Would a long penis disgust women?
But my aunt’s answer surprised and pleased me.
She said: My aunt doesn’t know if other women dislike big cocks, but my aunt can tell you for sure that my aunt just likes men with big cocks, and your aunt prefers your cocks.
Oh .. I wonder if my aunt is true?
Still drunk?
Regardless of whether what my aunt said at the time was sincere or drunk, I was simply shocked.
But I said to my aunt: aunt, you are really drunk.
My aunt just smiled and didn’t answer.
What surprised me was that my aunt was really open and she didn’t shy away from talking to me about a lot of sexual topics, how to kiss, how to fondle, how to do oral sex, how to insert, how to change positions .. . etc.
Lively helped me this virgin with a rich sex education, and it also made me deeply feel that my aunt is a woman who is at the forefront of time and is very open to sexuality.
I think this could be the reason that the marriage with my uncle was on the verge of breaking up!
During the conversation, my aunt always did some sensational and indecent actions to deliberately tease me, or sometimes she just lifted up a black one-piece miniskirt that was already short and couldn’t be shorter to show me her appearance. skirt.
Oh … the black T-shaped panties my aunt wears today are so adorable and sexy.
The God Zone was only covered with a little black cloth that couldn’t be smaller, and the pubic hair exposed outside the pants was so black and bright and shiny.
Behind there was no fabric covering her aunt’s snow-white round buttocks, only a thin line clearly dividing the buttocks.
I was completely attracted by the sight in front of me, I just stared blankly.
My aunt seemed to see in my mind.
Softly and softly said to me: Do you like the panties that I wear today?
I nodded.
My aunt said again: Would you like the panties I’m wearing today?
I nodded again.
At that time, my aunt told me in a very provocative tone, “Then hurry up and take off my panties so that my sexy and mysterious triangle can be fully revealed in front of Xiaohao.”
My aunt can’t wait, hurry up!
Oh my God!
Trying to tease me desperately after seeing my big cock, did the spring’s heart move?
But for ethical reasons, I did not dare to move forward and take off my aunt’s sexy panties.
But my aunt said, “Throw away the shackles of ethics and morality in your heart, let your aunt lead you into the realm of sex so that you can truly experience the joy and excitement that sex brings.
Oh my God!
Aunt’s thinking is so avant-garde and open.
I can’t hold it back anymore.
I just went up to my aunt and shyly said to my aunt: “Aunt, I’m still a virgin and I’m afraid I have no sexual experience …”
My aunt looked at my big cock, smiled obscenely and said to me: Xiaohao, rest assured, in the coming days, my aunt will teach you well.
And tonight, step by step, follow the instructions that your aunt just taught you.
So, I knelt down and madly kissed my aunt’s inner thigh, and my restless hands began to gently stroke my aunt’s god zone. Even though I was behind my panties, I clearly felt that my aunt’s intimate parts were the same – wet and warm. …
I slowly buried my head in the intimate parts of my aunt and began to lick the intimate parts of my aunt through my underwear.
To match my appearance, my aunt sat on my legs in black garter stockings.
Maybe this is the special smell of mature women!
I pulled off the bow tied around the waist, took off my aunt’s sexy panties, and what I saw was already a flooded Black Forest.
I licked the flooded black forest even more insanely and slowly pumped it with my fingers into my little cunt and I didn’t dare waste my aunt’s love liquid, so I swallowed it completely.
My aunt’s screams also accelerated the flow of my blood.
Um … Um … Ah … Ah … So comfortable … Um … Ah … Xiaohao is great!
It’s so convenient to lick my aunt … uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hearing such compliments from my aunt, I began to lick my aunt’s cunt harder and increased the speed of my fingers, and my aunt also held my head so that my tongue could come closer to her adorable cunt.
I think my aunt will probably not be able to withstand such a crazy attack, and breathlessly said to me: Xiao … Xiaohao, why don’t we take off our clothes first?
So, I slowly got up and took off the black, sleeveless tight dress that I was wearing on my aunt, and the black underwear that my aunt was wearing was so sexy. I saw only two small pieces. The round fabric was covered separately. pink aunt’s nipples and a bow tied to the center of the neckline.
I smoothly opened the bow, took off the bra, which is not a bra, and started playing with my aunt’s 36D breasts.
As I was about to lower my head to suck on my aunt’s pink nipples, my aunt smiled and said to me, Xiaohao, don’t worry!
Let your uncle take your clothes off first, okay?
How can there be a bad reason?
I nodded and said: OK!
Taking off my vest, my aunt playfully said: “Aunt will take off your underwear!”
You have to be mentally prepared!
As soon as my aunt finished speaking, she squatted down in front of my big cock, gently pulled my panties off and said admiringly: Wow … Xiaohao, your cock is really big, thick and strong!
My aunt loves you very much …
Saying this, he slowly stood up, grabbed my neck with both hands, gasped and said to me: Xiaohao … Hug me, kiss me …
I hugged my aunt and slowly moved my lips to her front. When four lips closed, my aunt involuntarily thrust her tongue into my mouth and insanely interfered with it. I also sucked my aunt’s tongue gently on both sides and sucked each other as you came and went.
The kiss lasted over 10 minutes.
Then my aunt pushed me gently onto the water bed, watching my big cock, and voluptuously told me, Xiaohao … just let my aunt take care of you!
My brother!

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