Turkish boat opened fire on the Cyprus Coast Guard vessel

CNA: Turkish boat fired four shots at the Cyprus Coast Guard vessel in the Tilliria area

ATHENS, 16 Jul – A Turkish boat opened fire on a Cyprus Coast Guard ship in the Tilliria region in the northwest of the island, CNA reported.
At about 03:30 local time, a small ship with three members of the naval police crew was spotted by a Turkish boat while on regular patrols to combat illegal immigration, police said. It was 11 nautical miles from the port of Kato Pyrgos.

The Turkish Coast Guard pursued the Cypriot vessel and opened fire in intimidation, firing four warning shots.
Cypriot Broadcasting Corporation RIK added that the Turkish ship continued to pursue the Cypriot boat almost to the port entrance.
According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense Christos Pieris, this is a difficult incident. According to him, “the case is being investigated and the operations center of the National Guard is collecting information for the competent ministry to take action.”
So far, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed about this, which, in turn, will report the incident to the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus UNFICYP.

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