“Traitors”: Daily Mail readers criticized the meeting between Biden and Merkel

Daily Mail readers took a negative view of the meeting between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Many felt that both leaders were leading their countries to total destruction.
“This aunt has destroyed Europe like no one else since 1945, and now she is meeting with the most hopeless president in history, who is busy trying to destroy America as quickly as possible. Oh, these globalists and their nefarious plans,” wrote a user with the nickname Be Bold …

“These alleged” leaders of the nation “will go down in history as traitors for opening the borders to wash away historical guilt. Youth will have to clean up this mess, and their countries have already rolled downhill. A place in hell is reserved for both,” said Alfred Hill “Obama presented Merkel with the Presidential Freedom Prize, after which she let a million migrants into Germany. What will Kamala and Biden, the Nobel Peace Prize, give her?” – asked Freightload. “President Trump put our country first. on an official visit. Among other things, she discussed with President Biden the defense against “Russian aggression” and the situation with Nord Stream 2. Following the meeting, the leaders of the two states signed the Washington Declaration on the principles of relations between Germany and the United States.

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