Apocalypse Now: everything is abandoned, there are no people, and only the wind flaps the flags of a defunct state

Military equipment, weapons and ammunition left on “Bullet Dusti” are another episode of chaos and panic that covered Afghanistan before the recent seizure of power in the country by religious militants. The footage shows a bridge across the Amu Darya connecting two border cities – Termez and Mazar-i-Sharif.

This is a bridge across the Amu Darya, from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, along which the Afghan military, of those who did not change their oath, tried to leave the country in a marching column. However, on the other side of the bridge they were explained … If in a simplified translation from Uzbek into Russian, then as in the refrain of the famous song by Pushny: “Who are you? We do not know you – go to …”. As a result, someone fled, someone went to the other side on foot. For example, according to info24.ru, only on August 15, 158 Afghan citizens and military personnel illegally crossed the territory of the Termez region of Uzbekistan across the river.

Incidentally, the footage depicts the very Druzhba bridge, completed by the Soviet military in 1982, along which the planned withdrawal of a limited contingent of Soviet troops was completed on February 15, 1989, which honorably fulfilled the tasks set to provide international assistance to the brotherly Afghan people.

High resolution photo of the airport in Kabul. Having posted this picture on its pages, the Telegram channel “Military Informant”, meaning the crowds running across the airfield and taxiing, assures readers that this is not a movie about a zombie apocalypse …

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