Ikumi Hisamatsu, Marriage Report on Instagram “A bright and laughing family”

Actress and model Ikumi Hisamatsu (25) updated her Instagram on the 14th. She had been dating for some time and she reported her marriage to a man who runs a company.

[Photo] Boldly emptying her back … Ikumi Hisamatsu showing off her wedding dress

Hisamatsu said, “Everyone who is always supporting me, everyone involved, I am very sorry for my personal affairs, but I would like to report that I have married a person who has been dating for a long time. Announced.

She renewed her determination, “I will continue to value my gratitude and support each other during both fun and difficult times, and always build a bright and laughing family.” I would appreciate it if you could. “

According to her official, she was married last fall, and her partner is a man (36) who is a higher-ranking company owner who was introduced by her acquaintance. Initially it was a friendship, but it developed into a serious relationship and reached the goal in about two and a half years. The ceremony was held only by close relatives in Tokyo.

Hisamatsu was scouted when he was in the sixth grade of elementary school and made her debut in the entertainment world. Since 2012, she has been the exclusive model for the women’s fashion magazine “CanCam” and appeared in gravure at the same time, and she was the driving force behind the model & gravure = “mole” boom. She has appeared in numerous dramas and movies as an actress.

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